Every life experience is an opportunity for us to grow. Life is constantly changing because time is in constant motion. It is also a time when human nature is for us to desire a positive change. There are so many events that transpire in our lives, some planned and unplanned.

These changes can bring out the very best of who we are and even test our limits. During times like these, you should never do it alone. This is a time to ask yourself who in your life will listen? Who in your life can be trusted?

As your coach, I take pride in our confidentiality as you share your journey with me. Together, we will create a safe place for you to be your true self. No matter what is going on in your life, I am here for you “and” without judgment. Your journey in life is completely unique and I will support you along the way so you reach your goals. 

And remember that life is a journey and not a destination. 

Respect, integrity, and confidentiality are my core values. 

Mitra Guilani, A Certified Coach


For each program, there are ten (10) sessions with one session every week for forty-five (45) minutes. The reason there is one session every week is that at the end of each session, there is an action step you will apply to your life during the following week. 

I have designed these sessions not to be educational but for us to connect so you can apply the changes you are making in your life. As “we” want these changes not to be “good habits” but to become “lifestyle changes”, you will be able to apply an action step that can create change. 


If your schedule does not permit you to commit to a specific day and time for one-on-one telephone coaching, we offer online courses. There is easy registration with many benefits. The benefits of online studying are flexibility, self-paced studying, and time management. In addition, you may request a scheduled call with a Certified Coach. Yes, after registering for a full program, you are provided with three fifteen-minute live one-on-one telephone conference calls.


Sessions are done via telephone. Telephone coaching is equally as effective as face-to-face coaching. Studies have shown that telephone coaching is effective through listening, using silence, using an existing approach, and paying attention to building relationships. Moreover, I have excellent listening skills and tend to consciously hear more. Telephone coaching is a more time efficient process and is very confidential. 

Finally, coaching is not limited by location and can more easily be scheduled due in part to the elimination of travel time and other travel concerns. 

So, I look forward to coaching you in one of the most comfortable places, YOUR HOME.